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Wedding planning Cincinnati 915 Monmouth

Pictured: Kaleejah Polley, Studio Manager, Kristen Becker, Five Dot Design, Marti Heard, Marti’s Floral Designs, Kelly Ledford, Cinci Makeup, Jacalyn Mains, JMM Photography

Wedding planning can be stressful (to say the least). But what if you could plan your big day with a group of your girlfriends, who just happen to be experts about all things wedding? That’s the inspired idea behind 915 Monmouth, a collective of vendors providing lots of major wedding services—photography, makeup, floral arrangements, and invitations—in one location.

The place started out as a bit of a dud, featuring purple walls and green carpet. But with Marti Heard’s eye for design and everyone’s hard work, it quickly became a cozy studio filled with quirky touches that reflect the personalities of its owners.


The chummy camaraderie that characterizes the studio also translates to the way the ladies do business. Each vendor realizes the importance of getting to know their clients as people, in addition to finding out what they really want. “There should be a level of trust there,” says Mains. Heard concurs: “You want people to want to be your friend. That helps us with our job.”

 Expanding the studio into a space for bridal showers and parties was a happy accident. Between fielding rental requests and hosting their popular Junk in the Trunk resale event (so popular that everything is usually sold within the first hour!), the studio was taking on a life of its own, and Kaleejah Polley was brought in as the studio manager.

 Wedding planning Cincinnati 915 Monmouth

Though the ladies are available to work as a team, most clients contact them individually. Either way, they stand ready ready to help brides-to-be create forward-thinking weddings with a twist.

You can contact any of the studio members at 915 Monmouth online, and keep up with everyone on Facebook and Twitter.

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