Stationery Dos & Don’ts



Allow plenty of time.
The experts suggest you order the invitations six to eight months in advance and mail them at least two months before the wedding. “Start planning your stationery items as soon as you have a date and place for your event,” says Kristen Folzenlogen of Poême of Hyde Park. “Stationery serves as the only consistent theme prior to your wedding and all the way through to the end.”

Write thank-you notes.
“Write notes as gifts arrive—you’ll be glad later,” says Mary Hopple of M. Hopple & Co. “Use your maiden name on notes for any gifts received before the wedding. Closer to the wedding, use your married name, but wait to mail them until after the wedding. Again, you’ll be glad you have them written. Send all thank-you notes out within a year.”



Order under.
When you reorder, you start all over again with the pricing, and it’s very expensive. Better to be safe than sorry. “Count your guest list carefully before you order your stationery,” Folzenlogen says. “Many items that can be printed and shipped together will be a cost savings in the long run.”

Include registry information on your invites.
Yes, your guests will certainly want to know this information, but this is not the place. “Registry info should not be included anywhere on the wedding invitation or insert pieces,” Schwartz says. “Your guests can find out where you are registered by asking you or family members, or referring to your wedding website.”

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