Q&A with Style Me Pretty founder Abby Larson

New year, new trends! We sat down with wedding whiz Abby Larson, the founder and editor of popular wedding website Style Me Pretty, for her take on what will be hot in the wedding world in 2015.

CW: What type of wedding style do you see being the most popular for next year?
AL: Rustic glam and romantic affairs will definitely continue to be a huge trend for wedding ceremonies and receptions. I’m also seeing more couples gravitate towards organic and locally-sourced menus, cocktails, and even flowers—and those are the items that set the tone for ceremonies.

Couples are very much into DIY and really putting their own touch into their décor and food and taking steps to make sure their day is personalized and specially curated. This is something guests appreciate and they enjoy the thought that goes into the overall planning to make it a special event for all.

CW: What about less traditional ceremonies, like planned elopements?
AL: Styled elopements are really becoming a trend now and this will continue into 2015. Couples are now planning their elopements much like they would their wedding: with florists, wedding planners, and caterers to boot. While elopements may be more casual than a full ceremony and reception, there’s no reason not to make it just as special!

CW: Tattoo lace and drop-back gowns have been popular lately. What types of gowns will be popular in 2015?
AL: Next year will be all about the feminine, lightweight, and ultra-romantic gowns. Brides will be going for an ethereal look, with the detailing focusing on fabric textures like lace and cut-out applications, rather than heavy bead work.

CW: Gold and metallic accents are big this winter. Will these continue to trend into the coming seasons?
AL: Yes, definitely! Couples will continue to glam up the small details of their wedding with elements of metallic. Rose gold and platinum will especially be present as they make for a chic and stylish experience. 

CW: What’s going to be popular for bridesmaid attire?
AL: Mismatched bridesmaids for sure! As long as brides are open-minded, their maids will continue the trend of wearing a range of colors and styles on their big day! I love the idea of having each girl display her own unique look.

CW: What about for groomsmen?
AL: While the bridesmaids have more room to play around with different styles, the groomsmen are still keeping it traditional, style-wise—but looking to colored suits like navy, emerald, or burgundy for a pop of color and to complement the bridesmaids.

CW: How do Cincinnati weddings fit into the mix?
AL: Midwest brides are classic with a twist. Some err towards the whimsical, others towards the indie, and others towards the modern. But most Midwestern weddings are classic beauties at their core, with tons of personality.

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