Monogram Your Wedding

Monograms aren’t just for invitations and table napkins anymore. Here, we compile some cool ways to personalize your wedding festivities.

Vintage Marquee Letters
Whether you go big or small with these, it’s a fun way to showcase your initials (and see your name in lights, of course). No matter what your wedding décor style, these will add a nostalgic vibe.

Monogrammed Dance Floor
Look—and feel—like royalty with your family crest emblazoned on the dance floor. Two ways to do this: create a custom monogram and have the DJ beam it onto the floor with lights (it can change colors throughout evening!), or, have a full-size vinyl floor covering made (easy clean up!).

Photo Booth Props
Create cutouts of your initials and decorate them as you please. Then let guests go to town.

Top your petit fours with a chocolate-seal monogram. Or frost cookies with your initials. Or garnish cupcakes with a mini-monogram topper. Trust us, your guests will eat it up.

Whether you choose to frame your initials in a floral wreath or have your florist actually create the letters with flowers, the options for display here are limitless: mount them on the church doors, hang them on the bride and groom’s chairs at the sweetheart table, or simply use them as décor at the reception venue.

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