Falling in Love with the Reading Bridal District


Cincinnati is pretty lucky to have a bona fide wedding zone right in our own backyard. The Reading Bridal District is one of the places I’m always sure to hit when we’re planning Cincinnati Wedding; the small section of Benson Street and beyond constitutes the largest bridal district in North America and is a one-stop shopping destination for brides and grooms all over the Midwest. The Bridal District’s signature event, the Fall in Love Bridal Show is now in its fifth year—which means that they clearly know how to put on a good event.

I asked Stacey Shiring of Creative Invites and Events—who also puts on good events— what to expect from this year’s Fall in Love Bridal Show and why it’s definitely a good idea to enter the $10K giveaway (duh!).

Five years is a pretty big deal. How did Fall in Love get started?

It started with the wedding shops in the Reading Bridal District thinking about how much fun it would be to shut down traffic on Benson Street and turn it into a big engagement party. We have an amazing time, complete with food, drinks, live music, and great wedding vendors, PLUS a $10,000 wedding giveaway!

You had me at “food and drinks!” What else can attendees expect?

They’re going to find the top wedding professionals for their big day and enjoy something different than the typical bridal show that ping pongs you down multiple aisles. It’s a relaxed, fun and exciting night of wedding bliss for everyone who attends.

What’s the ONE THING you’re most looking forward to that makes it a must-attend event?

Besides the amazing people I love the $10,000 giveaway! Other places do giveaways that make you buy something to get the gift. Not here—there’s a free reception for 25 people, cash, jewelry, a weekend getaway and SO much more. One lucky winner gets it all and seeing their face light up when their name is announced always makes me smile.

Fall in Love is Thursday September 17th from 6-9pm. Visit readingbridaldistrict.com for details.

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