Come Into Bloom with Locally-Sourced Flowers for Your Special Day

Create a bouquet with locally sourced flowers for your special day.
Bouquet by Eve Floral Co.

Photograph by Wes Battoclette

  1. Penstemon
    “These are great added texture for spring bouquets,” says Evelyn Streeter of Eve Floral Co. “They provide nectar for the birds and the bees, which adds a little luck to each floral arrangement.”
  1. Foxglove
    Streeter says these tall flowers with spiky blooms look similar to a snapdragon, but are much larger.
  1. Campanula
    “This is a great flower for brides with allergies. Its bright flowers are not fragrant and are insect-pollinated rather than wind-pollinated like other garden flowers,” Streeter says.
  1. Peony
    “Peonies bloom in late spring and are highly fragrant. They get their name from an ancient Greek myth where the peony plant was used to treat a wound of the god Pluto,” Streeter says.
  1. Viburnum
    According to Streeter, the emerald green foliage on this flower is perfect for bouquets and centerpieces because its stems and leaves are hardy.

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