Behind the Scenes of the Cincinnati Wedding Winter 2015 Issue

Fun? Yes! Chaos? Absolutely.

Putting together an issue of Cincinnati Wedding is really a team effort—we work with an amazing group of photographers, writers, models, planners, hair stylists, florists, makeup artists, and bakers. Cincinnati’s local wedding community is made up of a lot of awesomely talented people dedicated to their craft.

What makes it to the pages of the magazine is one thing, but what happens behind the scenes is both fun and slightly chaotic! Pretty dresses, gorgeous sets, and photos with cute doggies are only possible because of multiple emails, phone calls, and long days (and nights) for our stellar team of editors and designers. Honestly, we’re happy to put in the work to create the best and only resource dedicated exclusively to local weddings, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

We hope you enjoy reading the Winter 2015 issue of Cincinnati Wedding as much as we enjoyed creating it for you, so head to your local newsstands December 17th to pick up a copy!

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