Boom Time for

Boom Time forBoomerangs

It’s a classic Cincinnati story: locals leaving town, only to return later in life. But natives aren’t the only ones coming home to Cincinnati. We ask them why they’re here—and why they stay.

By Akshay Ahuja, Katie Coburn, Damian Dotterweich, Jaclyn Youhana Garver, Judi Ketteler, Kaileigh Peyton, Laurie Pike, Cedric Rose, Steven Rosen, John Stowell, Linda Vaccariello, Rodney Wilson, and Elizabeth Miller Wood

P&G’s Lauren Worley Found Her Place

“I really wanted to live in a place where what I did mattered. Sometimes it was hard to find a place to fit in in a big city.”

Julie Coppens Is a Serial Boomerang

“I knew this was where I needed to be again, for now.”

Musician Bryan Devendorf Had a New Appreciation for Home

"I returned as an adult with a different perspective and different ideas of what matters in life. So really everything here seems changed."

Downbound Books Owner Gregory Kornbluh Didn’t Have a Plan

"I headed home to Cincinnati without a solid plan; I figured I’d spend some time here while figuring out what to do next."

Mixologist Molly Wellmann Makes History Special

“I want to make some history here in Cincinnati so we continue to be a really important place on the map.”

Enquirer Food Writer Keith Pandolfi Knew He’d Be Back

“The familiarity of the landscape, the architecture, the city itself brought me back. It’s always just felt like home.”

Making My Hometown Home Again

Connectedness, beautiful surroundings, kind people, and excitement drew me back to Cincinnati, and I am not the only one.

Drew and Lea Lachey Gave Their Kids a Midwestern Childhood

“We’re fortunate to live in a place that affords us the benefits of a small town but the opportunities of a big city.”

Chef Vanessa Miller Came to Cook

“I know that this is a city where I can push my culinary career forward instead of feeling like it was going to be stagnant.”

Musician Gary Griffin’s Complicated Homecoming

“I really don’t know how much I like being back yet. We haven’t been able to fully experience the city during the pandemic.”

Restaurateurs Ashley and Austin Heidt Opened Their Restaurant Their Own Way

Ashley Heidt says that “Dear is a love letter, an invitation to experience something memorable and something beautiful here.”

Editor’s Letter, June 2021: We Just Keep Coming Back

I learned that “boomerangs” were a thing here—a current of people leaving Cincinnati and then moving back years later.

How Cincinnati Enables Eric Avner to “Get Stuff Done”

People who choose Cincinnati as their home, says Eric Avner of the Haile Foundation, bring a new kind of enthusiasm.

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