The (Stadium) Name Game


According to a recent report by The Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals and Hamilton County are in the midst of another legal battle in the Stadium Lease War of 1996.

On the heels of the recent scoreboard situation, the issue now is that some of the buildings yet-to-be constructed in Phase II of The Banks development might be a bit too tall for Mike Brown’s liking, and may in fact be in direct defiance of that painfully-lopsided, war-spurring lease. Brown & Co., however, are willing to let a few feet of fancy, riverfront structure slide…as long as the county hands over ownership of the Paul Brown Stadium naming rights.

I am not an attorney, nor do I have any formal legal training (though I did pass Prof. Hodson’s Communications Law class in journalism school), but I am still willing to offer some pro bono counsel on whether or not Hamilton County should hand over those rights:


Not unless the organization is willing to offer more than a few floors of an apartment complex. Not unless they agree to start the conversation by footing the bill for that new $10-million scoreboard and continue the discusion from there. Until then, no.

Hell no.

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