The Rundown: Week 11


Observations from the Bengals 28-6 win over the Kansas City Chiefs…

-When was the last time the Bengals had a game like this? Handily winning a matchup they were expected to, with relative ease? It probably happened more recently than we remember, though that in no way subdues the air of bliss this one brought with it.

-The team’s first scoring drive set the table for the gluttony of triumphs they would partake in over the course of four quarters. Two huge fourth down conversions—one coming on a 32-yard fake punt scamper by Reverend Ced Peerman, the other on a timely untouched scramble by Andy Dalton—deflated the crowd and provided the first punches landed on the afternoon. (More on this later in the week.)

-That’s the second time this season Rev. Peerman has secured a fourth-down conversion via a direct snap in punt formation, the first time coming at a similar juncture in the game against Jacksonville. Is that something he sees at the line of scrimmage, or something they call ahead of time? Great block by Brian Leonard on the play.

-And yet everything on that drive eventually fell in the shadow of what Adriel Jeremiah Green decided to do as a capper. Nice job once again by the Cincy Jungle family breaking it down.

-I’m still wondering how he caught this.

-Lest he be outdone by the team’s star wideout, Geno Atkins enveloped the Chiefs in his grasp of defensive prowess. He is a man amongst insects.

-That Jermaine Gresham catch near the goal line, where he carried the entire Chiefs secondary into the endzone before his touchdown was overturned by a bad spot, was beastly.

-Speaking of impressive plays: I rag on Brandon Tate a lot (mainly because it’s deserved), but his catch on Sunday was one heck of an individual effort.

-Chiefs corner Brandon Flowers probably needs to lie down on a couch and talk to somebody after the day he had.

-The next time the Bengals disappoint you this season, go back and re-watch this game from the viewpoint of a Chiefs fan. Oy. Kansas City benched starting quarterback Matt Cassel in favor of Brady Quinn in the second half, and the (remaining) home crowd viewed this as a positive thing.

-Not that the QB change really mattered all that much. This game was cooked by halftime, and in retrospect, may have been over after A.J. blindly snagged that touchdown heave from the chasms of the Arrowhead Stadium endzone, using only his left hand. The rout wasn’t overly impressive because it came against the lowly Chiefs, but was in the sense that so many times before, we’ve seen the team squander away opportunities such as this one.

-Carson Palmer returns this weekend. Not quite the Prodigal Son, eh?

Things I liked: Mohammed Sanu (yup, again), Marv Albert attempting to pronounce “Maualuga,” BenJarvis Green-Ellis running for 100-plus, Dre Kirkpatrick in punt coverage, the Bengals secondary, whoever was attempting to stop Geno Atkins.

Things I didn’t like: Nugent missing another long field goal, the days before A.J. Green came into our lives.

Parting Thought: Kudos to the Bengals on TCB.

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