Money Well Wasted


    The Bengals announced Monday that the team re-signed linebacker Rey Maualuga to a two-year deal, despite the fact that Maualuga has been tackling-intolerant for the past couple seasons. The deal pays him $6.5 million over the length of the contract (plus bonuses), which is somewhere in the range of $6.5 million too much. Below is a list of more productive things the organization could have done with that money.

    – Donate the money to a charity.

    – Donate the money to Bill Gates.

    – Give Hamilton County a tax break by putting it toward the team’s stadium deal.

    – Throw it all on Black 17 at the roulette tables of the new Horseshoe Casino.

    – Bequeath it to Pro Football Focus to fund improvements for what Marvin Lewis considers to be “some dumbass website that doesn’t have any idea of what football is.” (Shots fired!!!)

    – Wire it to those Nigerian princes that are always hitting Mike Brown up for cash via email.

    – Help pay off my student loans. (This one isn’t a joke.)

    – Fund some ridiculous Kickstarter campaign. (Give your face a hug!)

    – Buy a ridiculous amount of the new Mountain Dew Kickstart—the orange flavor isn’t bad.

    – Go all Breaking Bad and pull a Heisenberg with the stacks (while screaming “I AM THE DANGER! I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!!!).

    – Make sure Girl Meets World, the reboot of Boy Meets World, gets past the pilot stage and is picked up for a full season. And that it doesn’t suck. We all need Topanga back in our lives.

    Treat. Yo. Self.

    – Or, ya know, spend the cash elsewhere in free agency.

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