Good Luck: Week 10 NFL Picks

Last week was my best week of the season. I went 10-3. If you’re a really meticulous football fan, you may know that there were 14 games last week. For some reason, I didn’t find it worthwhile to pick a winner in the game between the Raiders and Broncos. I’ll call that one a tie, so make it 10-3-1.

Speaking of not picking games, I’m going out of the country next week, so I won’t be making picks for Week 11. But I’ll go ahead and pick the Bengals game for that week right now. I think Cincinnati will lose to Baltimore 28-10. My guess is that means the Bengals won’t cover the spread, either, but we’ll have to wait and see on that. I’ll evaluate my Week 10 picks in my Week 12 column. Hopefully you don’t drop dead from the anticipation.

For Week 10, we’re back to a full 16-game schedule, so it will be easier for me to make sure I have all the games. On with the picks (this week, I see how many 3.5-point underdogs I can possibly pick):

Chargers (-7.5) over Raiders
Chiefs (-3.5) over Broncos
Colts (+2.5) over Jaguars
Saints (-0.5) over Falcons
Buccaneers (+3.5) over Texans
Titans (+3.5) over Panthers
Cowboys (-5.5) over Bills
Rams (+3.5) over Browns
Redskins (+4.5) over Dolphins
Ravens (-6.5) over Seahawks
Giants (+3.5) over 49ers
Lions (+3.5) over Bears
Patriots (+1.5) over Jets
Vikings (+14.5) over Packers
Eagles (No Line) over Cardinals (They haven’t set a line in this game yet, but whatever it is, I’ll take Philly.)

Steelers (-2.5) over Bengals — The Bengals are 6-2 and poised to make the playoffs with a decent finish. But the schedule is getting a lot tougher, and this is Dalton’s first look at either the Steelers or Ravens defense. Could be a tough day for the Ginger Ninja. I’ll take the Steelers straight up, too, 24-14.

Record last week: 10-3-1
Record overall: 68-61-1
Record picking Bengals games against the spread: 4-4
Record picking Bengals games straight up: 3-5

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