Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast: Week 3



It was set up perfectly. Andy Dalton, eyes glued to a receiver and oblivious to the oncoming rush, was sacked. He fumbled, which inevitably was returned for a touchdown, and the script for the game had reached it’s logical conclusion: Andy Dalton sucks again. And yet, the team played on. Dalton looked remarkably un-Daltony in leading the Bengals on multiple comeback drives, playing with a confidence that has been dormant for years. Associate editors Adam Flango and Justin Williams look at the reborn Andy Dalton and contemplate if he has, at long last, turned a corner in Week 3 of the Fulcher 2 Stay podcast. They also discuss Justin’s story on Bengals superfan JB. And, of course, they talk about hairbrushes. Send any thoughts, feelings, and questions to Fulcher2Stay@gmail.com or on twitter with #F2S.

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