Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast: Week 9


It’s not the most sound theory, but maybe Andy Dalton is smarter than we give him credit for. For four years, he roped Bengals fans along, leading them to believe that he was inevitably going to fail them in some way. Cut to this season, where Dalton has flipped the script. It’s Ali rope-a-dopeing Foreman. It’s Verbal Kint as Keyser Söze. It’s Danny Ocean conning Terry Benedict. Make them believe things are a certain way, then prey on their distorted expectations. In this week’s episode of the Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast, we talk (again) about Andy Dalton and his quarterback guru, the role Hue Jackson has played in his development, and the benefits of rotating the defensive line. Also, Adele. Email the Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast at Fulcher2Stay@gmail.com.

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