Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast: Week 6 with Lindsay Patterson




Following the script for their preordained Super Bowl run, the Bengals moved to 6-0 with a win against the Buffalo Bills, proving yet again that the squadron of Marvin Lewis clones are pretty darn good at football. Is it possible that the Bengals are actually so good they’re boring? Associate editors Adam Flango and Justin Williams discuss this and more, including Andy Dalton’s historic pace, locker room nakedness, and Star Wars. They’re also joined by Beyond the Stripes co-host Lindsay Patterson.

But there’s another project we here at Fulcher 2 Stay are preparing for the bye week podcast. We just need your help. We’ve had conversations with  Marty Scorsese (old friend), Alfonso Cuarón (if no one else is available), and Justin Lin (obvious number one choice) about directing the movie on the 2015 Cincinnati Bengals. We just need a cast. Which actors can capture the fiery Marvin Lewis? Who can possibly match the charisma of Andy Dalton? Is Anthony Mackie tall enough to play A.J. Green? Send us your suggestions for any and all players/coaches/people sorta related to the team and we’ll share the best ones on the next podcast. Email the Fulcher 2 Stay podcast thoughts to Fulcher2Stay@gmail.com and don’t forget to rate the podcast on iTunes.


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