Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast: Week 15


The Bengals bored the 49ers to death on Sunday, but in doing so, unleashed a force with power that would make the tesseract whimper and retreat. The greatness of A.J. McCarron is a secret no longer. He’s easily surpassed Andy Dalton at this point (look at the numbers and you tell me who has a better winning percentage), but the real question is where does he rank among other all-time greats? How soon will he eclipse the trajectories of Brady, Elway, Manning, and Montana? Has he already done that? And why won’t the Hall of Fame waive its five-year eligibility period when faced with pure greatness? These questions are answered in this week’s Fulcher 2 Stay podcast, along with thoughts on sleeping late and Monday’s pivotal game against the Broncos.

But seriously though, A.J. McCarron is the reason for the season.

Adam Flango and Justin Williams are associate editors for Cincinnati Magazine and are both probably late for something at this very moment. They can be found wasting time on Twitter at @adam_flango and @williams_justin.

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