Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast: Week 10


Fun fact about the Cincinnati Bengals: since 1989, the Bengals have outright lost four games at home in which they were at least 10-point favorites. That includes Monday night’s hideous 10-6 defeat at the hands of the Houston Texans, a game that offered fans a stark reminder Andy Dalton is in fact a fallible human being, showed that all of Tyler Eifert’s rugged good looks can’t make up for dropped passes, and crowned T.J. Yates the one true Bengals slayer. It’s the kind of game where you’d like to just burn the tape and start over fresh next week. What it did give us, however, is the greatest postgame war of words in the modern era. J.J. Watt and Andy Dalton have spewed so much vitriol toward each other, they are about two steps away from playing a competitive Scrabble match using only four letter words. We discuss the game, as well as Watt vs. Dalton, in the Week 10 edition of the Fulcher 2 Stay podcast.

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Correction: Previously, this article incorrectly stated that the Bengals have never won a home game in which they were 10 point favorites. The team is 14-4 in those games. In related news, we are bad at Play Index searches on ProFootballReference.com

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