Fulcher 2 Stay Podcast: Casting the Bengals Movie


With the Bengals on a bye last week, we here at Fulcher 2 Stay thought it would make the most sense to capitalize on the inevitable Super Bowl run by the Bengals this year and cast the movie that will most certainly be made about this team. So we called up our old friend Justin Lin, signed him up as director, and took casting upon ourselves. While we encourage you to listen to the podcast for a detailed analysis of each selection, here are the results of casting the movie Don’t Flinch: The Story of the Super Bowl Champion Bengals, listed in order from supporting to main characters.

Mike Brown—played by Bruce Dern (basically, just his character in Nebraska)

JB—played by Carl Weathers

Mrs. Peggy Lewis (Marvin’s wife)—played by Angela Bassett (sorry, Vivica)

Mrs. Jordan Dalton (Andy’s wife)—played by Ashley Benson (of Pretty Little Liars fame)

Tyler Eifert—played by Taylor Kitsch (as Tim Riggins)

Adam “Pacman” Jones—played by John David Washington (Denzel’s son)

Andrew Whitworth—played by Jason Momoa (the resurrected Khal Drogo)

Carlos Dunlap & Geno Atkins—played by Jay Pharoah & Kenan Thompson (thanks, Lorne)

Jeremy Hill/Giovani Bernard (composite)—played by Michael B. Jordan (as long as we support his Best Supporting Actor bid at the Academy Awards)

A.J. Green—played by Anthony Mackie (please say yes, Anthony)

Marvin Lewis—played by Andre Braugher (sorry, Denzel)

Andy Dalton—played by Nicholas Hoult (you’ve seen X-Men, right?)

with Vontaze Burfict as Vontaze Burfict

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