Fulcher 2 Stay: Gronk Beats Bengals


Since Marvin Lewis became head coach in 2003, the Cincinnati Bengals have been more than a touchdown underdogs 21 times. The team’s record in those games? 4-16-1. That’s not to say that is a poor, or rather, unexpected record. I mean, if Vegas thinks you are going to lose by at least a touchdown, it seems that you should lose a majority of those games. But Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots was the first time the Bengals had more than a touchdown (7.5 points, to be exact) underdog since 2011. In Peter King terms, that means the Bengals had gone 2,110 days without being more than a seven-point underdog. All this is to say the loss to the Patriots, while disappointing, wasn’t exactly unexpected. Sure the team didn’t play too poorly in the first half, but the Bengals fell back into old habits in the second half. We attempted to decipher what’s specifically wrong, whether or not there is anyone worth complimenting, and what the Bengals need to do to save the season. Also, one of us weeps at the thought of Landry Jones playing quarterback.

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