Five Questions With Thomas Howard – Texans


Each week, Bengals linebacker Thomas Howard gives us his take on the upcoming game. This week, he turns his eyes to the playoffs with the Bengals facing Texans in Houston tomorrow, while also letting us in on his biggest fear, his proudest achievment, and which Bengals got snubbed by the Pro Bowl….

1. What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is probably falling from a skyscraper. 
2. What is your proudest achievment? As of today, my biggest accomplishment would have to be going back to school to finish my degree requirements at UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso).
3. What’s the key to this playoff matchup with the Texans? Whoever wins the turnover battle will win the game on Saturday. I can’t wait to watch this game, because it will be won up front. Whichever teams’ defensive line plays the best will have the most success on Saturday. Geno Sacks vs. J.J. Swat.
4. Which Texans player do Bengals need to look out for? The key Texans player to look out for is Arian Foster. So much of the Texans offense is predicated off those press/stretch runs. If the Texans can’t get the run game going, their play action passes will be ineffective. And down go the Texans! #WhoDey
5. Which Bengals players were most robbed of a Pro Bowl slot, in your opinion?
Offense—Andrew Whitworth. Defense—Michael Johnson

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