A Thought On Flopping


In related news, much as I adore almost everything about American sports, one small quibble comes whenever any American athlete “flops” or “dives.” General horror is expressed (quite rightly!) at such un-American behaviour, and much note is given to how “European,” “British,” or “soccer-style” such cheating is. Undoubtedly soccer is plagued by diving (and, in turn, many Brits lay the blame with “greasey Johnny Foreigner”), and though rugby has provided us with the most creative examples (a big game last year was marred somewhat with a scam that involved fake blood capsules hidden in a sock), the practice is, we feel, somewhat more worldly than anglo-centric. Any soccer-loving Brit, for example, feels somewhat insulted to be told how English it is whilst watching Derek Jeter head to first base after being “hit” by a pitch that sailed three inches past his elbow, or if one has watched, say, more than eight seconds of professional basketball. Kudos then to Jerome Simpson for highlighting the cross-cultural, multi-sport appeal of the flop, in a performance to make Two And A Half Men seem subtle and nuanced. Well done Rome, and thank you.


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