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Natural Causes

Jeremy Johnson turned his self-taught taxidermy hobby into Meddling with Nature, a full-service anatomical and educational enterprise that embraces the world around us. And within us.

The Gospel of Bockfest

Goats pulling kegs of beer through the historic streets of Over-the-Rhine. Snowmen burning in the night. Sausage Queens balancing plates of brats on their heads as they do the splits. This is a snapshot of the gonzo world of Bockfest.

Bringing Clean Water To The World

Ever had a million dollar idea? Greg Allgood has. In fact, he’s had a $2 million idea. It started in 2000 when the Procter & Gamble employee was invited to work on a new project: a tiny packet that purified water. Allgood took one home, grabbed a bucket of dirty creek water, poured a packet in, and stirred.