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The Post-Draft State of the Bengals

When last we met, just a few short months ago, the Bengals had completed their third straight losing season, and change was in the air. As we all know, Marvin Lewis is gone from...

A Dream We Can Call Our Own

The Bengals bid farewell to Marvin Lewis, and for the first time since 2003 fans can dream of major changes in Cincinnati.

Learning to Hate the Browns Again

When the home squad isn’t interesting or competitive, at least fans can target a bad guy on a rival team to hate. Baker Mayfield is rising quickly up the charts for the Bengals.

Nothing to Lose

Joe Mixon’s tremendous game against the Raiders shows that there’s still much for younger Bengals to prove as the season winds down.

Same Old, Same Old

The Bengals played well on the road against one of the NFL’s best teams, but still managed to come up short.

Next Man Up

You may have missed it, but there was actually good news to come out of BengalsLand over the past few days. No, you silly fool, not the game itself, an expected 24-10 shellacking by...

Beaten Down

How did the Bengals’ season go so wrong so fast?

Losing to Rookie Quarterbacks

The Bengals didn’t handle Lamar Jackson last week; how will they do against Baker Mayfield this Sunday?

The Monsters of Mediocrity

The deflated Bengals and the disorganized Ravens square off this Sunday with (gasp!) playoff implications.

The Saints Come Marching in

Stopping the Drew Brees & Co. juggernaut? Hey, strange things happen every week in the NFL.