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Striped Fiction: Steamed Prophecy

The quarterback took a deep breath and willed it into being.

Striped Fiction: North to The Lakesmen

The coach nudged the token toward the east and smiled.

Long Ago (and Far Away)

The last Cincinnati Bengals playoff win has taken on a surreal, where-were-you-when aura. Each time the franchise so much as sniffs a postseason berth, the drought gets brought up.

QB Reality Check: Sophs vs Frosh

The top rookie quarterbacks this season have drawn justifiable praise.  Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson haven’t just racked up the statistics. They’ve lifted their teams above mediocrity and into the realm of genuine contenders.

Right on Schedule

Today’s NFL is overanalyzed to the point where Tim Tebow getting a few extra reps in practice, for example, is treated with more breakdown than the minor detail of the Miami Marlins burning themselves to the ground.

The Joy of Consistency

I’m not ashamed to admit it: I still have the occasional nightmare about Mohamed Sanu.