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Striped Fiction: Fists to Feats

The blood felt warm on his hands.

Striped Fiction: The Artist Formely Known as Purple Reign

The preparation room assaulted the senses immediately.

Striped Fiction: A Very Andy Christmas

Christmastime in Katy, Texas, in the 1996th year since the event that inspired it.

Striped Fiction: Old Fears Die Slow

The betrayal was consummated at an I-70 rest stop west of Wheeling, as a bitter wind swept off the flatlands of Eastern Ohio.

Striped Fiction: Down the Stretch

The quarterback laid flat on his back, legs straddling the warped wooden bench. These two weeks of solitude had been paradise. He felt refreshed, mind alert, ready to throw down at any obstacle that dared step in his path.

Striped Fiction: Return of the Chad

His satin sheets had turned into restraints, silky, scarlet boa constrictors that bound him more tightly the greater the struggle.

Striped Fiction: Newfound Despair

The moment unfolded in super slow-motion, seconds drawn out so long you could physically sense the wheels of momentum creaking to a stop and beginning to churn the opposite way.

Striped Fiction: The Conquering Wunderkind

His birth was an ignoble one, a pitiful, stumbling entrance onto life’s stage.

Striped Fiction: A Time to Seize

The army was pouring eastward, high-stepping soldiers in lock step, the thunderous hooves of the cavalry kicking up dust. Eastward, through the lush, rolling hills of Southern Ohio into the ear-popping elevation changes of the Appalachians. Eastward, where the Purple Hoard awaited.

Striped Fiction: An Ocho in Time

“… Chad?” The assistant whispered as she edged open the cracked door.