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Style Mama: Duru Armagan

You're a mom to toddler Jake. How has having a toddler affected your style? For me, it’s more about comfort. You have to take care of yourself. Especially since being a mom, you realize there...

Lives Changed

From healthcare to the arts, Cincinnati’s thriving nonprofit community is impacting lives all over the city.

Style Counsel: Christian Gill

Occupation: Executive Chef of Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey and TV personalityStyle: Classy rebelI have to start with your red hair. Why’d you start dyeing it? I like having a lot of hair, and I...

Style Counsel: Dwight Ferrell

I have a watch with the Superman logo watch face, which I wear with a Superman tie, Superman cufflinks, Superman socks, and Superman colors on the pocket square.

Local Wedding Album: Jamie Dawn and Andrew Schlanser

A dark color scheme and a cemetery photo shoot created a beautifully moody scene for this couple’s Northside wedding.

Style Counsel: Heidi Jark

I've noticed that having a high-level exec who dresses in a way that expresses herself has really allowed other women to do the same. I think that's really cool.

Style Counsel: Kinsley Slife

You could be wearing your dad’s dirty Nikes, but if you’re wearing a beret, you look chic. I carry my beret in my bag with me.