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A Mt. Adams Contemporary

The owner’s three main requests, says Senhauser, were “light, light, and light."

Scripps: Once, They Bought Ink by the Barrel

The Scripps family’s ties to Cincinnati can be traced all the way back to 1883, when family patriarch Edward Willis bought the Penny Post.

Spencer: Showing a City How To Do the Right Thing

They’ve been called Cincinnati’s “first couple of civil rights,” and it’s a title they never stopped earning.

The Lindner Family: From Milk Money to The Fortune 500

Carl Lindner Sr. was fond of saying, “You can do anything you want to, children; the sky’s the limit.” Clearly, his kids were listening.

A Church to Call Home

It took two years and tons of elbow grease to convert this 10,000-square-foot church into a home.

Great Room: Garage Oasis

One verdant way to rework a crumbling, century-old structure.

Market Matters: How do I decide whether to remodel or buy a new place?

A lot depends on how long you think you’re going to be there.

Market Matters: Is it OK to buy a flipped house?

There are some things to keep in mind.

Market Matters: Should I sell now, or keep waiting?

“There’s more demand than there is supply.”

New Real Estate Realities: The First-Time Buyer

Always looking for a way into the housing market.