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The Rundown: Week 17

Observations from the Bengals 23-17 victory over the Baltimore Ravens... 

The Rundown: Week 16

Observations from the Bengals 13-10 win over the dreaded Steelers...

Long Road to Wisdom

There is something inherently and profoundly emotional about growing up. The bittersweet twinge that comes with maturation and embracing adulthood has long been one of this culture’s go-to poignant tropes, the central plot device for a bunch of twee indie movies and just about every Taylor Swift song. Though at times, regardless of how comfortable or nostalgic one might be with that previous lifestyle, the process is necessary. At times, futility is the only available counter to progress. The period allotted for any additional routes of development becomes completely exhausted.

Drinking the Oilers’ Milkshake

It's yet to reach a level of consistency attained by the NFL’s perennial postseason inhabitants, but the Bengals have made an increasing effort in the past decade to become a team that regularly competes. After seasons upon seasons spent wasting away on the bottom rungs of the AFC standings, the franchise has managed to earn a considerable amount of respect during the Marvin Lewis era, no longer cast aside as an automatic win when they pop up on opposing schedules.

The Rundown: Week 15

Observations from the Bengals 34-13 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles…

Old Man Crocker

It is often said that one must go away in order to come back—a shining example of those obvious-yet-profound­ quotes that get slapped on movie posters and Twitter bios. And Chris Crocker appears to have bought in to it.

The Rundown: Week 14

Observations from the Bengals 20-19 loss to the Dallas Cowboys…

-Despite all signs pointing to the contrary for three-plus quarters on Sunday, the Bengals just barely managed to clasp on to the outstretched hand of defeat that pulled the squad and city back within the grasps of reality, subduing those haughty visions of playoff games and double-digit wins for the time being. Sigh.

-With the way it ended, it's toug

Lonely at the Top

I like to think that my opinion on Mike Brown has evolved over the years. I don’t consider him the devil or the anti-Christ or any other supernatural, malevolent being. I choose not to portray him as a dreadful or malicious person, as someone who hungers for the disappointment of others and revels in the misfortune that failure brings while simultaneously padding his wallet. I do not subscribe to the idea that he acts with anything other than good intentions toward the Cincinnati Bengals—though it’s also not lost on me the road good intentions have been known to pave in the past.

The Rundown: Week 13

Observations from the Bengals 20-13 win over the San Diego Chargers…

Make It, Take It

A year after the brawl, can UC and XU successfully rebrand their basketball rivalry? It depends how you define “success.”