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When the Queen City was King: Our Music History

That forlorn, graffiti-covered brick building in Evanston visible from I-71 was once home to King Records, which launched the career of James Brown and put Cincinnati on the map as a key birthplace of rock and roll.

Letter from the Editor: April 2018

Cincinnati might not be Music City USA, but our history is intertwined with musical milestones.

Mayor John Cranley Enters His Final Term with Pervasive Optimism

We are increasingly on the map now, and there’s a real vibe and positivity about Cincinnati. But the biggest shift I’ve noticed in my life is that we believe it now. You can’t sell something you don’t believe in yourself.

Letter from the Editor: March 2018

There’s no denying Cincinnati’s upward trajectory these days.

Letter from the Editor: February 2018

When the power goes out and snacks run low, is our natural state to turn on each other, everyone for themselves?

Long Weekend: Mardi Gras in New Orleans

It's not as hard as you think and it's better than you imagine.

Letter from the Editor: January 2018

The big question to be answered in 2018 is whether the collective stress we’re feeling will lead to positive or negative change.

Letter from the Editor: December 2017

Was 2017 a breakthrough kind of year for Cincinnati?

Letter from the Editor: November 2017

As a nation of immigrants, we should remember that “those people” eventually become “we the people.”

What’s Past is Prologue

From the early Germans to today's diverse newcomers, Cincinnati has always been a city of immigrants.