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Waiting For The Great Leap Forward

The state of Chinese-American relations at Miami University.

Will Tom Ford’s Film Induce Austin Wright’s Literary Rebirth?

The fourth of Wright's seven novels, Tony and Susan, has been released as a stylish noir film by director Tom Ford. Retitled Nocturnal Animals, the movie opened in selected theaters Nov. 14 and stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Can Aftab Pureval Pop the Republican Machine’s Bubble?

The 34-year-old Procter & Gamble attorney and former federal prosecutor has chosen to take on one of the best-known political names in the county. As an underdog Democrat, he’s challenging Republican incumbent Tracy Winkler for the office of Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, the least understood but perhaps most pivotal post in the county’s system of justice.

Molly Wellmann is the Craftiest Barkeep in Town

And now she’s transforming the Queen City’s bar scene.

Junkie’s Big Adventure

When Julius Fleischmann Jr. took his family on a round-the-world cruise in 1931, he probably didn’t know that they would travel straight through the heart of South Seas exotica and into the annals of history. But the talismans he brought back tell the tale.

Chris Seelbach: Getting Past Gay

He's here. He's queer. You're used to it. Now Chris Seelbach wants you to consider his whole résumé.