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Located in the subterranean space formerly inhabited by La Normandie, diners descend into a haunting grotto of exposed beams and candlelit tables.

Quan Hapa

The Nguyen brothers, Duy and Bao, along with partner David Le, have followed up on Pho Lang Thang’s success at Findlay Market by bursting onto the OTR scene with some of the boldest flavors in the city.

Review: Ruth’s Parkside Café

Ruth’s in Northside picks up where Mullane’s veg-centric menu left off.

Daveed’s Next

Chef and owner David Cook meets the challenge of his unusual space with equal parts boldness and gallows humor.

Recipe: Toffee

Do you remember that moment you crossed the vague threshold into adulthood and realized that you could eat candy whenever you wanted?

Red Roost Tavern

With cuisine that is often skillfully prepared and service that is as naturally gracious as it is helpful, it’s a higher-than-usual-concept bistro stuck in a chain hotel environment, grappling with its ambitions.

Recipe: Soul-warming White Bean Soup

I never once saw either parent cooking this soup, and to this day I’m not sure which parent cooked it (both were cagey when I asked them point-blank). I just know that on certain autumn Sundays, there would be soup.

Local 127: Pickled in Time

Not for nothing does Local 127’s website count “All Grandmothers” among the staff’s inspirations.

Walt’s Hitching Post

A beloved Kentucky institution returns from the pasture.


Chef Michael Paley exudes the calm, urbane confidence of a man who always knows how to find a cab. The New Jersey native converses with a mastery of detail that never steers him toward over-sharing or bravado. Yes, he is the executive chef at Metropole, the signature restaurant of the artfully cool 21c Museum Hotel, a job title that you might expect to come freighted with bravado.