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Why We (Still) Watch

Basically, for the Twitter jokes.

Rank & File

At the moment, Joey Votto is not the greatest Red of all time. But he's closer than you think.

Traders World

To trade or not to trade?

On Target, But Underwhelming

How are those preseason projections looking thus far?

Young Guns

The Reds rookie pitchers give plenty of reason for optimism.

Snap Back to Reality

Early-season slumps aside, Votto and Bruce are returning to form.

The Long Ride Home

The scoreboard has been unkind to the Reds this season. For now, probably best to avoid it.

Out Goes Frazier

Todd Frazier is hitting home runs like it's 1999.

Patience is a Virtue

Pump the sky-is-falling breaks, Reds fans. It's still early.

Reasons to Stay

Extending Johnny Cueto is risky, but it's not stupid.