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Joey Votto is not an All-Star. But he is the best Reds hitter. Ever.

And still the best reason to watch the Reds this season.

Maybe Next Year?

The Reds will finish second in the NL Central next year. Yes, really.

Walk This Way. Please.

These Reds are not made for walking.

Bullpen of the Future

Yes, the bullpen sucks. But most of it won't be around next year.

To 2017 and Beyond

Sure, the 2016 season hasn't even reached the quarter pole. But the 2017 Reds are in trouble.

Homer Bailey, Future Fifth Starter?

The returning veteran and potential ace of the Reds staff has a stable of young talent on his heels. This is a good thing.

Planning Ahead

Meet (most of) your 2017 Cincinnati Reds!

Glass Half Full, At Least for Today

It's Opening Day, which means it's totally acceptable to be a little optimistic.

No Turning Back

Leaving the Reds 2015 season behind.

Bad Company

We know the Reds are bad. But why, exactly?