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Sarah Weiss Cultivates Empathy

"I’m fortunate that I have some leadership ability and platform to be able to help others become upstanders," says the CEO of the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center.

Ixi Chen Plays a New Melody

Concert:Nova challenges how we experience classical music thanks to Chen.

Boutique Cala Is Knotty by Nature

The OTR home and fashion shop specializes in dresses, handmade macramé, and home decor.

Working the Loom with the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati

President Melissa Lusk explains Cincinnati’s guild is unique in that it's one of only a few in the country to have its own house and also boasts a dye garden.

Why You Need a Midwife and a Doula During Your Delivery

Both have their roles during your delivery.

Finding the Right Day Care for Your Child

Choosing a day care can be tough. Rating systems in Ohio and Kentucky aim to make it easier.

Rachel Linnemann Offers Gratitude and “Visual Joy” at the CAC

Her three-month educational residency downtown allows the public to make found-object sculpture and learn about her bronze casting work.

Fencing 101 with the Cincinnati Fencing Club

For those with limited knowledge of fencing—or knowledge primarily informed by Hollywood and/or the Three Musketeers—here's some intro-level info to get started.

How a 139-Year-Old Machine Found New Life at Bess Paper Goods

How a 139-year-old machine got a new life at Bess Paper Goods.

What Inspires Mahagany Shaw’s Kitschy, Crafty Style

The Higher Love tattoo artist describes her style as ”an ’80s movie doing a ’60s period piece.”