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Haunting Miamitown

How two brothers are trying to parlay a small town’s past into a brighter future.

Soap Floats

Can the Gamble House be saved? The good people of Westwood are willing to try.

Let the Good Times Roll

It ain’t Las Vegas. But on Harrison Avenue out in Cheviot, some dare call it a strip.

Foolproof Directions

Fear not the Devil’s Backbone! A guide to the land beyond I-74.

Behind the Music

Can this side of town produce pop stars? Mia Carruthers and the Retros hope so.

Purple Hearts

It’s not quite 11 o’clock on the first Sunday morning in September, a time when the spidery streets around Elder High School are usually quiet. The only sound you should hear at this hour are the bells at St. William on West Eighth Street and St. Lawrence on Warsaw Avenue calling Price Hill’s faithful to mass. But today is not at all usual, and the streets are not remotely quiet, because this Sunday the mighty Elder Panthers will clash with their all-city rivals, the Colerain Cardinals, at noon. That makes this a high holy day of sorts for the disciples of the purple and white, who have already squeezed into the parking lots and are spilling across the sidewalks around the school’s legendary stadium, known with equal measures of reverence and scornful pride as The Pit.

Festivus for the West of Us

Tiny dancers, turgid cover bands, and a tough pickle-eating contest. Good times!

Go West, Young Fan

Local boys swing for the fences with the Cincinnati Steam.

Good Breeding

With the help of a Kentucky stallion, Nick Kurlas hopes to raise Indiana winners.

Making the Doughnuts

MAR09 WSS imageThe alarm slices through my sleep like a laser beam. The red numbers on the nightstand clock announce 4 o’clock. That’s a.m. I throw back the covers and shuffle downstairs where, with luck, a cup of coffee will bring me back to life. I consider myself a morn