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Fortune Noodle House Serves Up Noodle Greatness on the Cheap

In China, it’s not the chicken or the egg quandary. It’s the rice or the noodle.

Putz’s Creamy Whip Gets its Magic from a 63-Year-Old Soft Serve Machine

A 1953 Electro-Freeze soft serve machine has faithfully served vanilla ice cream to customers for more than 50 years.

Fine Diving: Chicago Gyros and Dogs

For as long as any UC alum can remember, Chicago Gyros has been at the corner of Clifton and McMillan, even though six years ago they moved directly across the street. Said move added more hot dogs and a liquor license, but the original Greek flair is still kicking.

Takeout Hero: Ollie’s Trolley

President Obama gave the Ollieburger a thumbs up. But a basic burger stand Ollie’s Trolley is not.

Takeout Hero: Fins, Feathers, and Bar-B-Que

The heavenly aroma of the two steel drum smokers on the Garfield Place sidewalk carries for blocks.

Fine Diving: Rima’s Diner

Leave room for dessert.

Takeout Hero: Jean-Paul’s Paradiso

It’s pretty hard to pick up a carry-out meal at Jean-Paul’s Paradiso without being tempted to grab tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch as well.

Fine Diving: Madison Diner

Belly up to the Madison’s counter (inside Madison Bowl) for incredible omelettes, pancakes light enough to defy gravity, and chicken wings.

Fine Diving: Parkside Café

This Walnut Hills café serves up textbook examples of Americana classics.