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Cincinnati’s Haunted Houses: Spectral Visitors or Real Estate Scams?

In 1875, one of the ink-stained wretches of the old Cincinnati Commercial sat down to write about the city's haunted houses.

Cincinnati’s Old-Fashioned Halloween: More Trick Than Treat

Back in the day, Halloween was much more about "tricks" than about "treats."

How Did Cincinnati’s Music Hall Get So Haunted?

The grand edifice sits on property once occupied by an immense set of wooden "Exposition Buildings," which had their own haunted history. Even in 1875, any excavation at the Exposition Buildings turned up skeletal remains.

Cincinnati’s Fashionably Bizarre Nineteenth-Century Coffins

The Cincinnati Gazette [28 January 1867] was in full harrumphing mode: "Fashion affects the price of coffins. A dealer says that, since the introduction of caskets, he can hardly give away his stock of old-fashioned coffins."

Cincinnati’s Notorious Ghoul ‘Resurrected’ Thousands of Corpses

A grave-robber becomes a medical specimen: It's the circle of life.

The Strange Afterlife of John Scott Harrison

John Scott Harrison had an interesting life. His afterlife was no less eventful.

Halloween 1921: Killer Clown Shoots Three In Lower Price Hill

The Cahill brothers, Robert and William, were on their way to a dance at the old Central Turner Hall on Walnut Street when they met the clowns.

The World’s First Motorized Circus Left Cincinnati on a Journey into Oblivion

Frank Spellman was responsible for the most unusual circus parade in Cincinnati history.

In the 1890s, Cincinnati Had A Mafia Scare

Cincinnati’s first personal look at an alleged Mafioso was provided on the arrest of one Enrico Basante.

A Cincinnati Naturalist Predicted His Own Death In 1885

When Richard Bissell died, The Cincinnati Enquirer was flabbergasted. The paper knew Bissell and had on file his self-penned obituary along with an amazing story.