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We Never Close

The all-night diner: a beacon of hope in the dark of night—with bacon.

We Like It Strong and Hot

We mean our coffee, naturally.

Sweet Life

Six fresh-baked reasons to get out of bed.

Goetta Gone Wild

Goetta Danish Skirtz & Johnston The Findlay Market bakery wraps chunks of Eckerlin’s goetta in flaky pastry and gives it a schmear of apricot preserves to create the ultimate sweet-and-savory combo. Your tummy will remain free...

World Café

A little global flavor to spice up your morning.

What a Good Egg!

Five ways we love the incredible edible egg.

Lemon-Cucumber Cocktail

a.k.a. Grown Up “Creek Water”

Potato Fennel Salad with Grilled Lemon Vinaigrette

This recipe is part of a full menu created by Jeremy Luers for the July 2012 issue.

Farro Salad “Panzanella Style”

Farro is a nuttier, crunchier cousin to wheat, popular in Italy.

Prosecco with Grand Marnier and Strawberries

This recipe is part of a full menu created by Tom Keegan for the July 2012 issue.