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Recipe: Wunderbar’s Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts

As the runt of the cabbage family, Brussels sprouts take their fair share of abuse. Which is why Nathan Chambers, chef at the Covington beer and sausage haus, Wunderbar, likes to give them some extra-special love.

Rhinegeist Brewery

Like walking into a cathedral. That’s how Bryant Goulding recalls his first glimpse of what is now Rhinegeist brewery. Originally built as a Christian Moerlein bottling plant more than a century ago in Over-the-Rhine, it closed in 1919 due to Prohibition.

Q&A: Reduced Shakespeare Company

The three-man comedy troupe Reduced Shakespeare Company is famous for its zany 90-minute history lessons on Shakespeare, the Bible, Western Civilization, and other small subjects. This month, the company debuts its ninth show, The Complete History of Comedy (abridged), on the intimate stage of Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s Thompson Shelterhouse Theatre.

Hard Cider

Meet your new favorite fall sipper.

Craft in a Can

In 2002, Oskar Blues Brewery did the unthinkable—they put their craft ales and lagers in cans.

Fifty West Brewing Company

The historic homestead on Wooster Pike (U.S. 50) just east of Mariemont—the old Heritage Restaurant—sat vacant for years. Then three locals and a Cleveland transplant moved in with tanks, taps, and a big taste for craft beer.

Gluten-Free Beer

For some, the simple pleasure of a cold pint triggers gut-wrenching pain. People with celiac disease can’t digest the gluten proteins found in barley, the grain of choice for brewing (and the only grain for brewing, if you ask a purist). Even so, tradition hasn’t stopped breweries from trying celiac-friendly ingredients.

Bloomington, Indiana

Keep on spinning in Hoosier cycling country.