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What To Do With Leftover Sparkling Wine

Here are a few ideas to get some mileage out of your bubbly.

Why Aren’t You Drinking Armagnac?

It's cheaper and tastes better.

Vino To Go

Takeout wine pairings

Alvin Feldman

This Certified Specialist of Wine has been selling it for 31 years.

Dressed to Grill

Summertime, and the grilling is easy...especially with a glass of wine in your hand. Not sure how to choose the right ones? Use this as your cheat sheet.

Cardinal Zins

Ten years ago my wife received an attractive job offer from a Cincinnati corporation. My heart softened toward the idea of relocating when I saw an advertisement for Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. In my wine-centric mind, I became convinced it was an offshoot of the Munich festival fueled by zinfandel instead of beer. Progressive!

Hip to Be Square

My first experience with boxed wine was not a pleasant one: a five-liter box fell from a shelf and hit me on the back of the head. I cursed its existence and came up with several secondary uses, including my erstwhile favorite, a doorstop.

Solid Gold Dancer

I’ve just poured a glass of white wine for a friend. I told him what it was as I served it—perhaps a tactical error. It is a German riesling labeled “Trocken,” a classification that means it is so dry it can make your mouth feel like it’s a quart low. It’s an extraordinary wine, with fine balance and beautiful aroma. So now he sniffs. He swirls. He sniffs again. He takes a sip. Hmmm...he took his time, so maybe we’re on the same page. Wrong.

The Panache of Grenache

There are so many wines in the marketplace of too little variety that cost too much that I sometimes feel like it is raining the cold rain of sameness. My overdeveloped sense of injustice rears up at this, because while some of these wines may be worth it, at least half are not. How do you sift through the confusion?