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GM for a Day—Carson Palmer

In this blog a couple of days ago, Sridhar looked back at a time when he harbored dreams of a law degree leading his way to becoming the General Manager of the Bengals. Of course, fans of all sports dream about what it would be like if they were to become GM of their team. Bengals fans dream of what it would be like if anyone were to become GM of their team.

Panthers vs Bengals Match Report

As the bottom two teams from ESPN’s power rankings came together for a practice game, with literally tens of people around the country tuning in to catch the excitement, the big question lay over the two dueling rookie quarterbacks: Was the flashy, controversial Cam Newton a better overall number one pick than Andy Dalton—the opposite of those adjectives—was a second round pick up?

Hope And Hope-ability

        Say “English” and what do you think of? If you’re American then you probably think of high tea, wizards with glasses, bad teeth, Love, Actually, and, for reasons you can’t quite explain, Madonna. If you’re English yourself then you’ll more likely think of traffic jams on a summer’s day, Henry V, an unstoppable sense of guilt whenever you watch the History Channel, beans on toast, and a deep-seated hatred of all things French. Either group is unlikely to call to mind the Cincinnati Bengals.