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Best Restaurant No. 6: Please Balances Crowd-Pleasing and Experimental

If you want to try something you have absolutely never been served before, or even heard of, Please is the place to go. Each iteration of the tasting menu, which changes several times a...

Best Restaurant No. 7: Miyoshi Inspires Appreciation for Simplicity

Entering Miyoshi is like entering another world. Floating in a busy sea of strip malls and traffic in Florence, the restaurant is a kind of oasis. No flat-screens glare at you—just a small, gently...

Best Restaurant No. 8: Phoenician Taverna Gracefully Fine Tunes Classics

Wassim Matar, Phoenician Taverna's owner, once told me something interesting: Be careful with recipes. Reason being, a recipe can make you think you know how to make something and give you false confidence. A dish...

Best Restaurant No. 9: Eighth & English Pulls Off a Successful Pivot

Editor's note: This restaurant closed in September 2019.After a year in business, Eighth & English did something courageous and difficult. Owner Chase Blowers and his new head chef Pedro Rangel completely revamped the menu...

Best Restaurant No. 10: Mita’s Restaurant & Bar Offers Diversity while Preserving Identity

Mita's had a transcendent first few years and is now settling into restaurant middle age with grace and dignity, producing lovely versions of its classics, like jicama salad and pozole verde, and occasionally dazzling...

Bombay Brazier Goes Beyond the Buffet

The Montgomery eatery sticks with tradition to set its Indian food apart.

Miyoshi Is a Foodie Destination in Florence

The restaurant inspires an exploration of the depth and breadth of Japanese cuisine.

Sacred Beast is a New Late-Night Fixture in OTR

It’s hard not to notice that Sacred Beast is always open. Through some Herculean effort, the restaurant operates seven days a week, from late morning until well past midnight on five of those nights, making food from scratch.

Chez Renée Brings Simple French Cuisine to Milford

Like any good neighborhood spot, it is a family affair: Chefs Laurent and Cathy Degois moved to Cincinnati from western France, leaving behind a catering business to reunite with expatriate family members living in the area.

Wildflower Café in Mason Isn’t Perfect–and That’s the Beauty of It

Like the farmhouse that Wildflower occupies, the imperfections are part of the charm.