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Mmmm. Pastries.

Reds closer Aroldis Chapman blew a save against the Phillies last Sunday. He gave up two home runs, half as many as he allowed in 2012, and the Reds lost. Normally I would dive into Fangraphs data to decipher what went wrong in his outing. But little did I know it’s because Ol’ Roldy took a weekend class at the David Wells School of Dieting.

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Don’t Bring the Reds Down, Bruce

All statistics in the first month or two of the baseball season, and sometimes even longer, carry with them the same qualifier: sample size. A .414 BABIP? Likely to diminish as the season continues. A .952 LOB% for pitchers in April? Don’t expect it last. Small sample size. It’s the go-to phrase for statistical anomalies.

In Da Batter’s Box

Coming soon – Pitchers’ walk-out songs

Cingrani the (Potentially) Great

Tony Cingrani doesn’t look like a starting pitcher. Yes, he’s tall and sturdy enough, but his facial expressions and mannerisms are of a different breed. He works quickly with his pant legs pulled up. He licks his fingers after seemingly every pitch, making sure that no pitch is wasted because of a weak grip.

His gaze is more fierce than menacing, portraying a confidence that borders on cockiness. It is almost like Cingrani sees the batte

Feeling Drafty

Somewhere around 10:30 pm on Thursday night, Roger Goodell will step up to the podium and announce the 21st pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. This used to be—and maybe still is—a nervous, unsettling moment. For years, the Bengals and owner/de facto GM Mike Brown seemed to find the most agonizing/cursed picks possible. The names read like a horror movie script for Bengals fans. Ki-Jana Carter. Akili Smith. Peter Warrick. Chris Perry. (Ed’s note: AHHHH!!!)

Better Latos Than Ever

About 17 months ago, the Reds brought Mat Latos to Cincinnati. In an effort to bolster the rotation, the team traded away two first-round picks, a former number-one starter, and a strong relief prospect to acquire the big right-hander. At the time, the trade was questioned somewhat by most experts. Did the Reds really have to give up all that young talent for a player who, at the time, was seen by some as an injury risk?

The Worry Meters

Joey Votto will be just fine.

Order Up: Todd Frazier

.254: Reds’ leadoff hitters had a paltry .254 OBP last year (cough cough, Stubbs).

When Geno Attacks: Season Recap Edition (Part II)

So if Geno executed a perfect sack, it would be worth 20 points. Quarterbacks, gird your loins.