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The Downtown Tour of Living Returns

After a 10-year hiatus, DCI’s Downtown Tour of Living is back and better than ever.

Downtown Living Now: Our 12 Picks For Where To Live

Living downtown used to be a labor of love. Now the Central Business District is packed with rentals and condos, from two-story walkups to penthouse views, while a wide variety of services, amenities, and entertainment have sprung up to support residential life.

Remembering Xavier University’s Schmidt Field House

Either you have vivid memories of Xavier University’s Schmidt Field House, or you’ve never heard of it.

Hot Ticket: The Camargo Hunter Trials

On October 6, The Camargo Hunter Trials—now in its 78th year—puts stalking and jumping skills to a public test.

Cincy Obscura: Taft Museum Branches Out

Is it...alive? Not exactly. It’s six tons of willow tree saplings bent and shaped together, making a kind of swirly wooden Stonehenge with a side of Blair Witch.

Ms. Married Lady: Food Bandits, Dress Code, and Who’s Paying?

It seems the theme of this issue’s column is “how not to cause an irrevocable rift in your family while planning your wedding.” Fun!

Choose Your Own Pizza Adventure: The Chains

Which big-box pizza is right for you? We look at five options.

Meet CityBird, The Eagle’s On-The-Go Cousin

CityBird's chicken breading is crunchy with just the right amount of zest, and comes in carryout-only baskets with an array of sauces.

Meet the Beekeeper at The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

“Do you like flowers? Or vegetables? Then we need those bees!”

On The Market: Luxe Outdoor Living in Mt. Washington

This sprawling ranch is a wooded escape within city limits.