Weston Gallery To Feature 40-Year Retrospective of Local Collagist Michael Scheurer


Chances are you’ve seen collagist and collector Michael Scheurer around: at an antique mall (he was a longtime booth holder at dearly departed Duck Creek) or at HighStreet, where he sells antiques and artifacts through his in-store boutique Antks. You may have crossed paths with him at an arts event, or on the bus (he doesn’t drive). Or perhaps in Clifton, where he has lived his entire life.

Image: Untitled #6 (Surreal Series), 2008, 11.5 x 9.5 inches (photo Matt Witherspoon)

Now Signature Scheurer: A Retrospective of the Works of Michael Scheurer, at the Weston Gallery, offers a deep dive into the oeuvre of one of the city’s most prolific artists all in one place.

Echoing the arresting, intricate collages Scheurer has created over a decades-long career, the show is an assemblage of past work and newer selections, including a series of large-scale murals, custom wallpaper, and collage work transferred to carpet.

How does it feel to see 40 years of your work at once? “I’m proud of all of it, it comes from the heart,” says Scheurer. “But once you see things you haven’t touched for a while, it can be a shocking reality. Maybe I’d like to change those things, but to redo them is impossible. They’re finished and complete. They’re still mine, but they belong to someone else.”

 April 28–June 18, artist talk May 24, cincinnatiarts.org/weston-art-gallery

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