Touching Strangers Comes To Town


Unless you were one of the 60 or so Cincinnatians asked to physically interact with a stranger on the street this summer, you might not have known that photographer Richard Renaldi spent two weeks using your neighbors as his subjects. That’s all right, though, because beginning this month, you will.

The  photographs from Renaldi’s Cincinnati series of Touching Strangers—aimed at shedding light on human relationships—will be installed in 88 Metro bus shelters across the metropolitan area. Which means larger-than-life shots of residents from Northside, Lower Price Hill, OTR, and downtown. Some of these, the artist says, are the best of his seven-year project, which has taken place all over the country.

“I found Cincinnati to be really receptive and really open,” Renaldi says. “I don’t know if I had the best attitude going into this, but I just had an amazing time. I ended up finding a real affection for the city in my two weeks there.”

On Oct. 16 Renaldi will give an open lecture at the 21c Museum Hotel downtown. Bring everyone you know—maybe even someone you don’t.

Lecture Oct 16, 6pm, 21c Museum Hotel, 609 Walnut St., Downtown; bus stops around town.

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