The Friends of the Public Library Annual Sale

The Friends of the Public Library Annual Sale

If there’s one thing I love more than books, it’s cheap books. And when I can support the best freakin’ library in the country—okay, one of the top ten best, but my personal favorite—while acquiring said cheap books, it’s obvious why the annual end of summer sale from The Friends of the Public Library is a yearly must-attend event.

I used to cringe at the list price of adult hard cover books, but they’ve got nothing on picture books that have only a paltry percentage of the text, if vastly superior illustrations. Still, I’m determined to stuff my daughter’s shelves with stories. Last year we scored some of her recurring favorites for just a few bucks each. Discarded from the library’s collection, the plastic-laminated dust jackets were an unexpected bonus: highly resistant to tearing, chewing, and all manner of toddler abuses.

Both fiction and nonfiction will be for sale, as well as CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, audiobooks and, for the hipster parents among you, vinyl.

Bring a bag. Or go hardcore with a hand cart—that’s my plan.

August 14–17, Friends Warehouse, 8456 Vine St., Hartwell,

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