Money in the Dank

Wanna be your own boss? Light up your entrepreneurial spirit with a crash course in the country’s best up-and-coming money-making business: weed.

The ComfyTree Cannabis Academy is coming to Cincinnati. Despite sounding like a high-end, Ivy League hookah bar or the title of an upcoming Judd Apatow movie, ComfyTree is actually a “traveling seminar geared towards raising awareness and providing entry-level education about the fastest growing market in the U.S.—the legal marijuana industry.” The workshop rolls through the Millennium Hotel downtown on February 1, from 10 am–5 pm (which, to be blunt, seems a little too early in the morning).

Despite the fact that neither medicinal nor recreational marijuana use is legal in the state of Ohio, the rapid spread of legalized cannabis in states across America suggests it’s only a matter of time before similar measures are sparked here as well. ComfyTree is simply getting out ahead of the curve, with consultants offering the straight dope on “best practices from already legalized states to prepare local enthusiasts for what is to come.”

Seminar topics include information on things like medical marijuana dispensaries, patient cards, cultivation centers, and possibly even how to puff, puff, pass. There is also an explanation of local and federal laws; no word on whether or not that includes the legal ramifications of selling baggies of oregano to idiot high schoolers.

Participants can sign up for either the Canna Enthusiast Package ($149) or the Canna Careerist package ($199), depending on the potency of their interest. For more info, visit Or just ask the guy in the apartment downstairs who always blasts Sublime songs and smells a little funky. He probably knows all about it.

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