Making Tracks

Making Tracks
1405 Elm Street, Over-the-Rhine

Photograph courtesy Cincinnati Preservation Association

Yes, the streetcar will be right outside your door. And Music Hall, Memorial Hall, Washington Park too. Plus a couple of trendy restaurants are just steps away. So it’s a bona fide real estate hot spot — or it will be if the gods are smiling on the city’s redevelopment efforts in the 1400 block of Elm Street.

Cincinnati Preservation Association is hosting a “preservation in progress tour” at 1405 Elm on July 26. The property in question is an unusual double townhouse built in the 1890s, replete with box bays, ornate brickwork, and a spiffy cornice. Empty for years, it’s being renovated to LEED standards. The tour (10 a.m.- noon) is $10 (free to CPA members). Mind you, the building really is “in progress,” with many steps and no air conditioning. Dress accordingly.  Reservations: (513) 721-4506.  

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