Kim Taylor howls at the moon

Kim Taylor

Photograph by Steve Metz

Listen to Kim Taylor’s recent album, Love’s a Dog, and you might think it was a bad thing to be a dog: wildness, pain, and insomnia.

It makes you wonder: Does the singer-songwriter even have any dogs? She does.

When I speak to Taylor about the sultry, country-soul songs on her truly fine record, the artist excuses herself. I can hear scuffling in the background at her Loveland home.

“I’ve got a lot of dogs,” Taylor explains. “We [her husband, son, and she] officially have three, and we just did a rescue, so I have a new puppy named Camilla.” That’s four.

Next question: How does Taylor have time even to look at dogs? In the past year she has turned in an acclaimed performance in the indie film I Used to Be Darker (garnering praise from The New York Times for the energy and focus her scenes brought to the movie). After that, she released her fifth album, which plays pain like it was an instrument (“love’s a dog/give it a good steak”). This month, she tours Germany. And she’s working on a new album of duets with Boston-based songwriter Todd Thibaud.

Taylor says it helps that she lives quietly in Cincinnati, her home since 1996. “It’s a good place to raise a family,” she says. And the dogs.

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